Din-Din With Barack

I really am not interested in having dinner with Barack.  Not that he’s probably not a nice guy, and I certainly would be the envy of my friends, it’s just that – well there are not many people I would like to have dinner with.  Outside of my friends and family, I can’t even think of anyone famous I would enjoy sharing meat and words with.

Then there is the contest – Dinner With Barack.  You get picked.  The Secret Service – those randy bad boys – send you a ticket to somewhere.  Right.  You don’t even know where you are going.  I mean what if it’s Oklahoma?  No offense to Oklahoma, but I’ve been there and swore to Jesus and a bunch of Saints that if I ever made it out of there I would become his servant.  So, you see I can’t go back there, cause I welched on my part of the Agreement.  You also don’t have a date or a time until the last minute.  Okay, so what if I was planning on cleaning my old vinyl albums, or my wife had plans to paint the living room?

Na.  I am not interested.  I mean, it’s not like I could sit there and say stuff like, “Hey B, why, after Karzai keeps insulting you, are you really going to wait until 2014 to leave Afghanistan?”  Or.  “Yo, Mr. P., did you ever feel like smacking that guy, Hannity in the face?”  See, that is dinner conversation.  It’s also chit chat that I am sure is off-limits with Barack.  So, what’s the point? And what if my wife doesn’t hit it off with Michelle, or they show up in the same dress?  Whoa, that could make for an awkward evening.

It’s better I stay here and just say stuff behind the President’s back and under the protection of my microphone.  That just feels more American to me.

LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/2/12 Show

Happy New Year!

“While the cat’s away the mice (or rats in this case) will play” is the theme of this week’s show.  While our psyche’s take a well deserved rest from the daily barrage of unsettling world events, that same world takes advantage of our dropped guard and reveals extreme behavior that would alarm and dismay us were we in our usual state of vigilance:

1.  The Chinese are planning to send men to the moon.  LK thinks they’re going to claim it as theirs.

2.  Iran claims to have produced a nuclear fuel rod and successfully test fired a long range missile.

3.  President Obama signs a bill that he vowed to veto that risks our basic constitutional rights.

Among other things.

Dr. John Palumbo lightens things up by slicing and dicing the Republican field of weeds, and giving us his list resolutions, which, unlike the normal list, is not a collection of things he vows to do, but a list of what he vows NEVER to do again.


Part 1:

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Part 2:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 10/17/11 Show

LK sticks his head in the bucket of muck called “the news”, so you don’t have to if you don’t choose to, and he loses his mind so you have the option of keeping yours.

The MLK memorial, an ex-con working at Mickey D’s who’s either the con man or the victim, the traveling sideshow of Republican candidates, and Holder’s haplessness are all on the docket, and then some.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Dear Mr. President-LK’s WOR Broadkast 3-17-11

LK, on-air, composes a letter to President Obama, explaining to him, in less than delicate terms, why he will not vote for him again, even after LK played a small role in the campaign by writing policy for Obama in ’08. Dr. John eases the pain of the nightly news by reminding us of a time when the pharmacist, and not a database, could see your face and match it to your prescribed medication.

Here’s the link.

PodKast Transcript: Ugly Unintended Consequences

mwilliamskkkeditor’s note-the following is a transcript of the LK PodKast posted earlier today:

No bumper music today. No time for gussied up production. Some things are too important to wait on and this is one of them.

I’d be shirking my duties if I didn’t get into the ugly and nationally embarrassing unintended consequences of the Obama presidency. Unintended consequences, by the way, is just a fancy name for outcomes that weren’t expected or desired as a result of a particular action. In this case, that particular action, which is producing some putrid side effects that reflect poorly on more Americans than I’m comfortable thinking about, was the election of the first black president of the United States.

This past Sunday, Maureen Dowd, who I don’t particularly enjoy reading (I find her kind of snarky), opened the mainstream media floodgates with her piece on the racism fueling the anti-Obama movement, including the anti-health care reform protests, and the anti-government intervention tea parties, among others. A lot of anti’s.

Jimmy Carter, another character I have my differences with, but who also happens to be an 85 year old white southerner with no fear of speaking his mind, confirmed that from his vantage point, only a fool couldn’t see the racism that runs through the roots of the anti-Obama groundswell.

And then CNN picked up the ball, and they’re running with it big time, featuring a Klansman type who forgot his hood named Mark Williams. Monday they had him on a panel with Gergen and Carville; last night he went one on one with Roland Martin. The unmitigated hatred for Obama flows out of this guy’s pores, and he’s a wily, clever bastard. On TV at least, he stays millimeters and milliseconds away from dropping his euphemisms and going straight to raw hate speech. On his web site he doesn’t bother holding back. Ugly stuff.

And he’s got plenty of followers. Under the guise of representing the working stiff, and that’s his description, “the working stiff who pays the bills”, he’s tapped into a whole bunch of folks who, especially now that their personal economic outlooks aren’t all that bright, are ripe for the picking.

Which raises some difficult but necessary questions.

Who among the Obama supporters, over half of the Americans who came out to vote last November, foresaw what, in retrospect, was the very easy to predict emergence of the racism that still lies just beneath the surface of tens of millions in this country?

Did any of his supporters, of which I was one, whether they were in Obama’s inner circle, people who worked on the campaign, college students, union workers, black or white, take into account the highly combustible combination of a black president and a severe economic crisis?

And, in 20/20 hindsight, would this awareness of the almost inevitable re-surfacing of racial tensions have changed anyone’s vote, either out of fear (because Mark Williams and his crew are pretty damn scary) or out of the sad but quite possibly true understanding that the country wasn’t ready for a black president?

Clearly, racism and sexism are still running neck and neck, judging from a recent quote about Hillary attributed to President Bush by one of his former speechwriters, in which Bush was heard to say something to the effect of “Wait till her fat ass is sitting at this desk”. But there’s a precedent for Hillary; her name was Margaret Thatcher. There’s no such precedent for Barack Obama.

It’s time for all good men and women, black or white, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat, to forcefully declare that the issues before us will be debated and decided based on the merits. It’s time for all good men and women to reject catering to or cowering in the face of Mark Williams and his ilk, who are nothing but white supremacists masquerading as populists.

It’s time for all Americans to dig deep and wrench out the best in themselves, however difficult that may be while dealing with economic hardships that can easily cause them to blame others, instead of displaying the fabled American quality of picking one’s self up by one’s bootstraps and taking responsibility for getting back on the horse.

We either get civil real quickly, or get suited up for some very uncivil times ahead.

Better to face things now, or lie face down in them later.

Obama, and Bristol Palin

Call it ironic. Call it poetic justice. Call it a simple twist of fate. Call it truth that’s stranger than fiction.

Yesterday, the same day that President Obama signed an executive order creating a panel devoted to issues facing women and girls, and made particular mention of the difficulties facing single mothers, Bristol Palin, 18, announced her breakup with fiance Levi Johnston, 19, the father of their 2 month old son Tripp.

Obama made reference to his own mother, saying “growing up, I saw my mother put herself through school and follow her passion for helping others. But I also saw how she struggled to raise me and my sister on her own, worrying about how she’d pay the bills and educate herself and provide for us.”

Bristol, sounding somewhat obtuse, said that “unfortunately, my family has seen many people say and do many things to ‘cash in’ on the Palin name. Sometimes that greed clouds good judgment and the truth.” She also mentioned that she was devastated. She did not mention the degree to which she was manipulated during the campaign through the later stages of her pregnancy, possibly because she’s not fully aware of it yet.

I’ve spoken to men and women from both the left and the right, who, while watching the Republican convention, agreed that the show put on by Johnston and the Palins was fairly transparent and that, in all likelihood, things were not going to end well for Bristol and Levi.

To the chorus of ‘how dare you”s the above is bound to provoke, let me remind one and all that if the RNC had simply let the teens stay out of the spotlight and work on their situation, rather than twist it into a strained display of “family values”, this post wouldn’t be here now.

We’ve lost our better selves. Let’s hope Bristol finds hers. Perhaps with the help of the President and his executive order.